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How can we guarantee you 80%?

By making sure that your paper has the 5 qualities that professors look for in an assignment


(Actual screenshot of the tutor feedback a student received on one of the papers we wrote for her)

Concise scholarly writing
Our writers will use the three things needed to make your paper an excellent piece of academic writing: scholarly voice, objective tone, and evidence-based content.

Fulfillment of assignment criteria
This might sound obvious, but many students, as well as assignment writers, forget to answer everything that is asked in an assignment. We follow the grading rubric to make sure we do this correctly.

Accurate APA, MLA or Harvard referencing
Most professors assign 30 percent of the grade to formatting. So we take the time get every detail right as far as referencing is concerned.

10% extra word count
The easiest way to make your assignment stand out is by going a little over the word limit. It shows to your professors that you took the extra effort. At the same time, are careful not to exceed this limit, to make sure you are not penalized.

Zero errors or plagiarism
Your paper will be edited as well as proofread by our editors to make sure it doesn't have any mistakes: spelling or grammatical. We also make sure all the sources are cited properly, to avoid plagiarism.


We write things differently

We are popular in campuses not only for our quality of writing but also for of our student-friendly policies

No signup needed

In order to protect your privacy, we do all communication as well as the delivery of your assignment via email.




Revision with 60 minutes

Our revisions are not only free but also done within 60 minutes of requesting.




Order/pay in installments

You can order your assignment in either 1, 2 or 3 parts. This will help you avoid rushed revisions and give you peace of mind.

What some of your classmates say about us

We know we write killer assignments because over 75% of students return to us for a second paper

MBA Student
Vanderbilt University

Your grade-assurance gives me peace of mind. Got 84 on my last week's assignment. 

Student of Literature
University of Ottawa

Never thought I could get an A on my literary essay. Thank you for making that happen

Undergraduate, Nursing

I think every assignment writing service should assure minimum 80% grade

Undergraduate, Law
University of Queensland

This site is a life-saver. I could never finish my weekly assignments on my own.

We Cover over 6,000 Subjects











































How much will it cost to get your assignment written?

Did you know?

Most of the assignment help websites that are in operation today use low-wage writers from South Asian countries. These websites often charge you a few dollars lesser, but the paper you get is essentially useless. There is also no way to get your money back from them.

They will promise you 'very-high quality papers' but will never make a commitment about the grade your paper will get.

What is 'Writer proficiency'?

Level 1 writers are the lowest priced, they are also our least experienced writers.

Yes, even a level 1 writer of ours can get you that minimum grade

If you want the best-written paper and price is not a concern then select 'level 3'

Level 2 writers are in the middle with regard to price as well as quality

Get your next assignment written in 4 easy steps

Step 1
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Step 2
Once you get part 1 of your assignment, either approve or request a revision

Step 3
If you like part 1, pay for the rest of the assignment

Step 4
Receive the complete assignment before the deadline

We are NOT your average paper mill


Your average essay mills write average papers because they don't have good writers. We operate like any other content company. We have in-house academic writers who are trained by us.


Did you really like the last paper we wrote for you? Good. We can assign the same writer to all your future orders. It costs nothing extra. All you need to do is mention it us while placing the order.


We understand that customer care can be frustrating, that's we why have simplified it. You will be given an account manager when you place your first order. You can get all your issues sorted out through your account manager.


Are you worried your professor will find out the paper is not written by you? That's why we have writers capable of copying your writing style. Just remember to upload a paper written by you, when you place your order.


From the moment an order is placed till you receive your assignment, we will update the progress of your assignment every 30 minutes. You can track how far your writer has progressed, using the order track feature on this website.


When your assignment is progress you can contact your writer anytime either to give them instructions, to send them more files or to simply say hi.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you question is not answered here, please use the live chat to ask us directly

Can I pay after I get the assignment?
We understand first-timers are skeptical of our services, which is why you can order your assignment in 2 or 3 parts. If you like the first part, you can order the rest of the assignment.

Will I get the grade I want?
Every assignment comes with a grade-guarantee. Will placing your order you can mention the grade you are looking for and our writer will write to that grade.

How fast can I get my assignment?
You can choose any deadline of your liking ranging from 6 hours to 2 weeks. Just remember, the shorter the deadline, the higher the price.

Can I safely submit the assignment on 'Turnitin'?
Absolutely. All the assignments written by us are 100% plagiarism free and comes with a certificate of originality.

Will I get the paper on time?
If your assignment is late by even a single minute, you can have it for free. We deliver 100 percent of the assignments before the deadline.

What if I am not happy with the assignment I get?
If you don't like the assignment you get, simply don't pay us. On the other hand, if you think improvements could be made to the assignment, you can ask for a revision and pay after you are satisfied with the revised paper.

What assignments can we help you with?

Your Essay

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because essays are easy to write but hard to score. You probably think you can write whatever comes to your mind and get a good grade on an essay. That's simply not possible. Even though essays are easier to write when compared to other types of college assignments, getting a good grade on them is quite difficult. This is because essays are graded based on how your professor feels about them.

Our writers know what professors look for in college essays. For example, they understand when it comes to an essay how you write it more important than what you write. And that is the one simple reason why students hire us to write their essays for them.


Your coursework

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because it is boring an repetitive. You may not know this, but your professor is required by your university to assign coursework to you every week. Professors hate grading your coursework just as much as you hate writing them. What this means is, your professor likely spends not more than a few minutes reading through your work.

Our writers can make sure your coursework has just enough depth to make your professor believe you have done your reading. Most importantly we can write them quick and cheap for you, without skimping on the quality.


Your research paper

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because it needs to be revised until perfection. If you are a research student you don't need us to tell you why you need help. Your Ph.D. supervisor is probably driving you nuts, asking you to rewrite your paper over and over again. You are probably beginning to wonder if it is even possible to make your supervisor happy. We will let you in on a secret. Most research candidates use the help of an academic writer to make their research papers good enough for submission.

So if you are not using a research paper help service like ours you are essentially at a disadvantage.


Your Term-papers

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because they are time-consuming yet important to your final grade. It can take literally more than a day to write a good term paper. A good term paper is the one that applies as many concepts taught during the last term as possible. After all, that's point of a term paper; to check how much of what was taught in the last term did you understand.

As you spend hours trying to perfect your term paper, it is likely that you will miss out a few important points. That's why you should let our experienced term paper writers write it for you. Having written hundred of term papers over the years our writers are much less likely to miss out any important points while writing your paper. We will also have an editor proofread your paper after it is written to make sure nothing is missing.


Your thesis/dissertation

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because it requires expertise. Being an expert in your subject is not enough to write a good thesis or dissertation. You need to be good at scholarly writing as well. Unlike term-papers, your thesis needs to get its content as well as format right. Think about all the things you hate while formatting your term-paper: citations, references, footnotes, headers and so on. Now, imagine what would happen if your professor reduced a point everytime you got a citation wrong, instead of a slap on the wrist you get with your term papers. It doesn't matter how good your research is, without precise formatting in either APA, MLA or Harvard, you won't do well on your thesis.

We can help you get all your citations, referencing and formatting perfectly right. Our writers are also careful while choosing the sources by making sure they are recently published as peer-reviewed.


Your Homework

Why should you let us write it for you?
Because it is boring an repetitive. Who doesn't hate doing their homework? It is a daily chore that you wish you didn't have to do, but you have to. Well, not anymore. Our homework help service is designed to help you forget about having to do your own homework. Just use our writers to get your homework done. You not only have the advantage of not having to do it yourself but using our homework writing service means you will also score much higher than you would have if you had done it yourself.

We offer academic writing on demand

'A+ Assignment Help' provides well written and curated academic content on demand, in the form of assignments, essays, dissertations, and term papers, to students of any academic level, from any college or university, anywhere in the world.

Our service is ideal for students who are currently unable to write their own papers as a result of time constraints emerging from unforeseen situations, such as personal tragedies. Our service is also useful to students who work while attending college and as a result are preoccupied with urgent engagements at work.

We also help students who are currently failing or performing poorly in their classes and would like to improve their overall grade by scoring higher on upcoming assignments. We understand that students in such a situation cannot get the grade they want by writing their own papers and would be happy to help them out.

We advise every student who buys an assignment from us to consider using the assignment we wrote for you as a model to write your own paper. However, we also understand that students who come to us seeking help with their papers are often in situations that prevent them from doing so. In such cases, you may submit the assignment we wrote for you, to your class/professor.




Use our writers to get the highest possible grade on your next assignment


Get my assignment written

4 situations that prompt/justify the use of our assignment help service

 When you are dealing with a crisis

As a student, completing your homework on time should be your highest priority. But what happens when you are met with an unforeseen situation in your personal life that requires your immediate attention. Sure you can get your deadlines extended, but for how long? Every day we are approached by students who have had one of their close family members diagnosed with a terminal illness. A personal crisis such as this can take a heavy toll on a student. So, if you are a student who is going through a tough time in life, there is nothing wrong with asking for help with your college assignments. In return, we only ask that you keep your chin up.


 When you are not a native speaker

Here's the thing: native speakers have a definite advantage over the non-native speaking students when it comes to written assignments. Professors outside of the language arts, like to pretend they only care about the content and not the style of writing. But here's the thing: even professors are human beings, susceptible to the same kind of biases that the rest of us are also susceptible to. Which one would you think your professor would grade higher: a fluffy essay that reads like a fairy tale or a well-researched essay written in pretty basic sentences. The answer is, definitely the fluffy essay with fancy words in it. So if you are a non-native speaker, use our assignment help service to give yourself a fair chance. Same as your native speaking classmates.

 When you have a job

Here's a crazy stat for you: 70 percent of college students work an average of 30 hours a week. An even crazier stat: 25 percent of all college students work full-time jobs. If you are one of those students who also have a job, there will come a time when you will need a helping hand with some of your homework assignments. What if you find yourself in a situation where you have an important client meeting and an assignment due on the same day? Which one should you choose? Well, you don't have to. Just let us write that assignment for you, while you focus on preparing for that upcoming meeting. Because our writers can write you a killer assignment, but preparing for the meeting is something you have to do yourself.


 When you are falling behind in your class

We have all been in that situation in college where we just can't seem to get that one class right. Maybe you don't like the professor, maybe you feel you shouldn't have enrolled in this class or maybe you are just not feeling the motivation to put in the effort. Now that you have enrolled yourself in this class you have no other option but to stick with it till the end of the semester. But the low grades from this one class is bringing you overall grade down. In such a situation the only logical solution is to use our academic writing service to get those assignments done. We will make sure that this class is not standing in your way to a high GPA. So use our writers to get those assignments written with perfection and get your grades back on track

How we build trust in an industry that usually cheats students out of their money

We are aware of how companies in this industry operate. You yourself have probably lost your money to one of the assignment help websites that promised you a well-written paper and good grades but ended up sending you a paper that you wouldn't dare show your professor. And here we are, in the same industry that has a reputation for being non-trustworthy, telling you we are different. How do we know we are any different from all those other essay writing services. That's exactly what we asked ourselves when we started this website. How can we build trust in an industry that is known for its dishonesty?

We decided we will operate based on a simple yet effective philosophy: We will never send a student a paper that we wouldn't have submitted to one of our classes back when we were in college. With this philosophy, we put ourselves in your shoes. We write papers for our clients as though we were writing it for our own class.

Just like you, even we were in college, some years ago. So we understand just how much pressure you are under, to score high on every one of your homework assignments. We are here to take some of that pressure off, not add to it. We genuinely care about helping students who need help with their paper, that's what separates us from every other assignment help service on the market. And you will see that this philosophy is the motivation behind every one of our company policies. You see that in the way we operate our customer care. You will see that in our pricing. YOu will see that

What happens behind the scenes, after you place an order

1. A writer gets assigned to your order

Immediately after you place an order and complete the first payment we will assign a writer who we think will do the best possible job writing your paper. If you are a returning student who wants the same writer who wrote your last order, we can make that happen as well.


4. An editor edits the draft

Once the draft is written it gets sent to one of our editors who has the responsibility to find out what improvements are needed. As a company policy, every editor has to find at least 3 areas of improvement with every draft that is written. Our editors are experienced academic, most of who are retired professors themselves.

2. The writer researches your paper

Once a writer gets assigned to your order, they will spend the first few hours researching your assignment. Your writer will identify sources, review literature and understand the scope of your paper. This phase ends with your writer preparing an outline.


5. The writer prepares the final draft

After receiving input from the editor, the writer writes your final paper. The final paper will include a cover page, citations, references, headers, footers, and appropriate formatting. It will be trimmed down to the suggested word limit and will contain the finalized content.

3. The writer writes a draft

After researching the writer will write a draft. We have noticed that writing a draft before writing the final assignment allows for better overall writing quality. The draft is where the writer has the freedom the change paragraphs around, restructure sentences and see what fits and what doesn't.


6. An editor proofreads the final draft

The final step before the assignment is emailed to you is proofreading. Once the writer has written the final paper, we will send it over to the editor to proofread it for grammatical, conceptual, or syntax errors. Once the paper is proofread and your account manager is satisfied with the quality, they will email it to you.