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Everything you need to know to successfully buy an assignment online

So you have decided to buy your next college assignment from an online assignment writing website. After searching for 'websites to buy an assignment from' you are confused which is the right website to get your assignment written. You don't know which website to trust your assignment writing task with. There are so many questions on your mind. Will the assignment I buy be good enough? Will I get the grade I want? How much will buying an assignment cost?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about buying college assignments online.

When should you consider buying an assignment online?

A 2018 study conducted by the Department of Education found that 60% of college students have at least once needed help completing their college assignments. In another survey more than half of students who took part reported having bought at least one of their assignments from an online assignment seller. That's a staggering number of students in the United States and UK buying their assignments online.

The reason behind this phenomenon is quite simple. Most college going students are under enormous amount of pressure to do well in their classes. That usually means getting an A in every assignment. A study of our own among the students who have bought assignments from us revealed the following reasons as to why they needed to buy their assignments from us:

  1. Many said they did not have enough time to spend on researching their assignment.
  2. Others said they were not confident enough to write an assignment that would satisfy their professor.
  3. Others reported that having received bad grades in their previous assignments has forced them to seek an assignment writing website.
  4. Many students said they had to buy an assignment online because of a crisis or emergency in their personal lives.
  5. While many others said that they could not write their own assignments because they don't have a good enough knowledge of the subject.

If you find yourself in any of these situations, buying an assignments would be a smart thing to do. Here's why. If your situation doesn't allow you to write a good assignment on your own, your only options are to either write a bad assignment or buy an assignment online.

No matter how small your writing task is, every college assignment counts towards your final grade/GPA. This means every time you get a bad grade on an assignment, your final grade is taking a hit. This could have horrible consequences when it comes to starting your career. 

Another benefit to buying your assignment is that if you take the valuable inputs from the assignments we write for you, it can help you become better at writing your own assignments eventually.

Assignment writing services have received a bad name in the last few years. However we serve a much needed purpose in the academic world. As long there are students in the world, there will be those who need more help than the other. It is a fact that every classroom in the world, whether in the UK or Malaysia, will have students who can finish any assignment in a heartbeat and students who cannot write a good assignment if their life depended on it.

Things to know before your buy your next assignment

Chances are that you fall somewhere in the middle. You have been writing your own assignments but those assignments haven't been scoring very well and you want to do better in your next assignments. When a student finds themselves in such a situation there are three things he or she could do. Approach the professor asking for help, buy an assignment from a paper writing service like us or continue to write mediocre assignments.

Approaching the professor might be an option you have already tried but failed, or maybe it is not an option at all. Many college students who struggle to write their assignments often approach their professors only to find that they are not willing to help. Your professor might tell you they don't have the time to help you write the assignment or worse they might accuse you of not paying attention in the class.

Continuing to write mediocre assignments is the worst of all the three options because it will significantly affect your grades and you could even end up failing. Needing help with your college assignment is a real problem and you need a real solution.

How to find the right assignment seller for your assignment?

Buying your assignment on the internet can go wonderfully right or horribly wrong depending on how you do it.

You are probably thinking, how hard can it possibly be to buy an assignment online? After all there are plenty of websites offering to write my assignment. All I need to do is hire one that fits my budget and then buy their services, right?

I'm afraid, it's not that easy. Buying your assignment can be tricky for a few reasons. First of all not all assignment help website selling assignment service are created equal. Because of the difference in the quality of the writers used, the quality of the assignment you will receive will also vary a lot, depending on the website you buy it from.

In other words, if you buy your assignment from website A, you might get an A grade paper whereas, website B might sell you a paper worse than what you could have written yourself. 

This is why, choosing the right assignment selling website is the most important step in buying an assignment online.

Generally speaking a good assignment seller is the now that uses a qualified writer to complete your assignment on time. An assignment written by a reputable assignment seller should get you at least a 2:2 or 'A grade' upon submission. So, before placing an order, you should check with the website if they have a revision policy that will allow you to ask for a revision if you are not happy with the assignment you receive. The website should also bewailing to give you the contact information of the writer who will be writing your assignment, so that you can check the writer's ability yourself.

What happens when you buy an assignment online?

The first step to buying your assignment online is placing an order. This usually means filling up an online form that including your contact information and information on your assignment. You will be able to pass on any instructions you might have for the writer, using the order form.

Once the order form is submitted, you will either be asked to pay the entire writing fee or make a partial payment depending on the websites. Most assignment sellers insist on payment before delivery, while a few allow you to pay after the assignment is delivered. Once the payment is completed, you will be assigned a writer who will write your assignment. Some websites have mechanisms that allow you to collaborate with your assignment writer while he or she is writing your assignment. You will be able to download the assignment from the website, upon completion. You can also request for your assignment to be emailed to you.

Most assignment sellers will also have a dedicated customer service team that is available round the clock, so you should be able to get any issues you might face, sorted quickly. This includes getting your assignment revised if needed.

Once you receive the assignment you could either use it as a model to write your own paper or simply submit it. Honestly, most student tend to submit the paper they receive as it is or with minor changes.

Why should you avoid buying pre-written assignments

There are some websites that will sell you assignments that are already written. These papers were usually written for another student and the website is selling it you for a much cheaper price. Even though these prewritten assignments are a lot cheaper than custom written ones, you should never buy them.

The biggest disadvantage to buying prewritten assignments is that they might show up as plagiarised when your submit on 'Turnitin'. Also prewritten papers will never fulfil the requirements of your assignment, since they were not written for you.

Instead, you should make sure that the assignment you buy is custom written for your as per your instructions.

We only sell assignments that are custom written for our students. In fact, when you purchase an assignment paper from us it is a good idea to send an assignment that you have written before so that our writers can familiarise themselves with your writing style. When you buy an assignment from us, you will be getting a custom written assignment that fulfils all the requirements of that particular assignment.

How to buy well written custom assignments at cheap rates

By now you are probably wondering, 'Can I get a well written custom made assignment for cheap?' and 'Will I be able to afford a good assignment writing service?'

You should know that when it comes to buying assignments online price is not a good indicator of quality. Whether you buy assignment from an expensive website or a cheap one, there are equal chances of getting a good or bad assignment.

Which is why, like we said before, it is important to check the credentials of a website before you place your order. Don't assume that higher the price, the better the quality will be. Many at times, even the websites that charge you a bombshell can send you a horrible paper. However there is a way to buy assignments that are good, at cheap rates.

You should buy assignment from a website that uses in-house writers as opposed to contract writers. In-house writers will hold themselves responsible for the quality of the assignments they write. Websites with in-house writers will also be able to sell you assignments for a cheaper price, considering such writers charge less than contract writers.

We were the first assignment selling website to hire in-house writers to get assignments written for students. This mode has served us well, considering we are able to sell good quality assignments for a price cheaper than almost all other other assignment websites. 

Signs of a reputable assignment seller

Most assignment selling websites are happy to sell overpriced assignments that are poorly written, knowing that there is nothing you can really do if you receive a bad assignment. Avoiding such paper selling websites that take advantage of students is key to successfully buying your assignment online.

Look out for these signs when you buy assignment, in order to spot and separate good assignment seller from bad ones.

When you place an order for your assignment, it should comes with guaranteed free revisions. A reputable assignments writer will always be willing to rewrite or revise the assignment to your liking. After all, you are paying for it. Avoid sites that cannot promise revisions.

It is also a good idea to not pay the entire writing fee upfront. Paying only a portion of the writing fee in advance will ensure that you have a bargaining chip. In case you are not happy with the assignment, you can refuse to make the rest of the payment until the revisions are made. So, avoid websites that insist on full payment upfront and choose a seller who allows for payment in instalments.

You might also want to keep your distance from websites that ask you to signup. This has nothing to do with the quality of the assignment you get, but to do with your privacy. Think twice before you give out personal information to assignment sellers. Our assignment selling service, for example, does not ask students for any personal information other than their email id. We respect the privacy of our customers.

Don’t buy your assignment from a website that cannot guarantee that the paper you receive will get you the grade you want. Remember, if they can't guarantee grades, they don't have good writers. Any assignment writer worth his salt should be able to tell you what grade can be expected from the paper he writes. If they cannot, you should not bother purchasing an assignment from them. Simple. All of our orders come with a 'minimum guaranteed grade'.

What are the benefits of buying assignments from us

We are one of the most renowned and certainly the most affordable assignment seller in the US, UK and Australia. We started our assignment writing service to help students with their homework assignments, with 5 writers. Today we have over 60 in-house writers who deliver more than 150 assignments to students from all over the world.Here are five reasons why you should consider buying your next assignment from us:

  1. We guarantee the grade with every paper we sell - When you buy an assignment from us, it comes with a guaranteed minimum grade. Which means, the paper you receive is guaranteed to receive that grade. If you buy a 2:1 paper from us, you can expect to get at least a 2:1 grade on that paper if you submit it without changes.
  2. We guarantee unlimited revisions for your paper at no additional cost - When we sell you an assignment, it comes with a promise that we will rewrite the assignment if needed until you are satisfied. This means we will rewrite your paper a hundred times if we have to. Nothing is more important that making sure that you get what you paid for.
  3. We do not demand you signup or register on our website - We never ask our students to signup to be able to buy an assignment from us. We need only your email ID to start writing your paper.
  4. We don’t ask for a full upfront payment - We only ask our students an upfront payment of 25% before we can begin writing your order. This is to make sure that our writers are protected in case a student never returns and pay us after the writer has written the first draft. The remaining 75% of the writing fee can be paid when you receive the finished assignment.
  5. We only use writer who have worked as college professors - Here’s the thing. Only someone who has taught a subject will know how to write an exceptional assignment in that subject. This means hiring a finance professor to write your finance assignment, law to write a law assignment and so on. So when you buy an assignment from us, be assured that it was written by a professor who has taught that subject.

When a student buys an assignment service from us it becomes our responsibility to make sure that they benefit from having bought an assignment from us. The only way to make sure that the students are benefitted is by delivering excellent quality papers to them. This is the vision that all our writers share. Our assignment writers are great at writing assignments because they have the integrity to deliver the assignment a student needs to get the grade he or she wants.

This is why students who buy assignments from us keep coming back the every week to buy more. So whether you are looking for a website to buy your next coursework, dissertation or essay, trust our writers. 



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