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What is a college assignment help service?

In short, a college assignment help service is where you get your college assignments written by a professional academic writer.

This service is usually provided online by assignment help websites such as ours (A+ Assignment Help). In case you are wondering if the assignment will be written to your specific needs and requirements, then yes. Every assignment is custom written.

There may be a number of reasons why you might want to use an assignment helper to complete your next college assignment. You may be in short of the time needed to research the write the assignment on your own. Or you might be finding it difficult to write the assignment on your own even after trying a few times. Or you might simply be wanting to get a better grade on your next paper, but are not confident you can do that yourself.

Whatever your reason might be, you should know that college assignment help services are frequently used by about one third of the students in US and UK (source). Most of them reported having used an online college assignment helper to write essays, dissertations, coursework, term papers and other assignments that they haven't been able to write themselves.

College assignment writing services are necessary because of the fact that most college students find it difficult to find the academic help they need. Most colleges in America lack the support structure students need to be able to complete their assignments successfully.

Studies show that 30 percent of all students who performed consistently below the 40th percentile in college assignments ended up dropping out from the programs (source).

The good news is that if you have decided to seek help from a college assignment writer for your next assignment, instead of performing poorly, you are moving in the right direction. Read on to find out more about find and using the right kind of college assignment help service on the internet.

Can an assignment help service get you a good grade?

You are probably wondering if you will get the grade you want, if you hire a college assignment helper. After all, that is the whole reason why you are looking for an assignment help service in the first place. isn't it.

The simple answer is: it depends. On what, you ask.

It depends on the assignment writing service you are using and the marketing scheme of your professor, among others.

You should know that not all assignment writing services are created equal. By that we mean, the quality of the assignment you get from two different writers can vary significantly. A lot of factors play into how good a college assignment is. Does your assignment answer the questions posed? Does it fulfil the scope? Does it have continuity of thoughts? Is it logically structured? Is is correctly formatted? and many more.

Even if your assignment does tick all of the above boxes, you might still not get the grade that you were expecting. That is because at the end of the day, your professor who is a human being decides what grade your assignment is worth.

So the point is, there is no way to 100% guarantee that you will get the grade you want. But a good assignment help service will be able to tell you what grade you are most likely to receive for the assignment.

How to find a reliable college assignment helper online?

Because the quality of the service differs from one assignment website to another, it is important that you find an assignment writing service that can deliver you a good assignment. You are wondering, but how do it do that?

First of all, the majority of college assignment help websites on the internet are not worth your time. Even though most assignment writing websites make big claims on their website, most of them are not capable of writing you an assignment that can be considered even average. Not really shocking right!

Find help with your college assignment on the internet can be quite tricky. Most websites will make the promise of delivering original assignments, with no plagiarism. However, they make no mention of the quality of the assignment you will receive. The majority of these services will not guarantee what grade your assignment will get.

The thing about college assignments is that, not being plagiarised is a very low bar to clear. An incomprehensible set of 3 paragraphs cobbled together might very well clear the plagiarism test, but won’t contain any academic value. There are more than 200 websites offering assignment help online. The majority of them will send you and assignment that will be worse than what you could have written yourself. It will lack proper references, it will likely be filled with grammatical errors and most likely will lack any chain of thoughts.

This is the number one reason why you should be careful in choosing the assignment help service that you use to get your college assignment done.

There could also be other pitfalls like being overcharged and losing your money to fraudsters. If any of this happens to you, you will have almost no course of discourse since there is no way you will be able to complain or get your money back.

Can they be helpful in the long run?

Apart from getting a well written assignment for you to submit in college/university, there is an added benefit to using our college assignment help service. You will actually get better at the subjects that you take assignment help for. Sounds quite contrary? Not really.

You see, when one of our writers writes a college assignment for you, you are actually receiving a model paper. When you receive your assignment, you are obviously going to read it and when you do, you will get a better understanding of how college assignments are supposed to be written.

If you repeatedly choose us to help you with your college assignments, every one of those times, you are getting better at knowing how to write assignments. At the same time, you will also get more confident with every one of those assignments you receive. Most students who have taken our help with their college assignments have reported feeling more confident of being able to write good assignments as a direct result of using our services. Even we were initially surprised to learn it, but its true.

We measure our success based on how far we managed to help students get better grades. Feedback that we have received from students we have helped in the past tells us that our assignment help service was crucial in helping them graduate.

Getting an assignment tailored to your college's requirements

A good assignment will also be written taking your college's requirements into consideration. The expectations and marketing schemes of the exact same assignment can differ from one college to another. Most college will expect their students to write assignments with the relevant context. Thesis why it is important that your assignment writer/helper has the experience and knowledge need to write for your college.

Most experienced college assignment companies will have writers who are fit to write assignments for students from particular universities.

Our writers use a number of different techniques to make your assignment more appealing to your professor. For example, the references used in your assignment will be from sources that are more likely to be familiar to the faculty of your college. Our writers may also choose examples that are more prevalent in the public sphere of your college or university.

It is this level of attention to detail that has helped us emerge as the best college assignment help destination to students all over the world. No matter where your college is located, our writer will be able to do a good job with the assignment.

What's unique about our college assignment help service?

First of all, every assignment seller on the internet will tell you a million reasons why you should buy your next assignment from them. We want to tell you five reasons why you should buy an assignment from us, instead. If you think these are compelling enough reasons to buy your college paper from us, only then should you go ahead and place your order for your next paper.

Our student friendly reasons are the reason why we continue to be favoured among college students of UK, US and Australia. Here are a few of our policies that will make using our college assignment help service an enjoyable experience:

  1. Only an experienced professors will write your college paper - Having retired professors as writers continues to be a feature unique to us. We can proudly say that our writers are the best assignment writers you will find online, because they are experienced professors who know how to write assignments.
  2. We never say no to requests for revisions - Even if a college student asked us to revise the paper that we wrote, for the 10th time, we will absolutely do it. Our only objective is to write you a paper that you are satisfied with, even if that means taking numerous days and try to rewrite your paper. Again not many websites out there offer revisions and even if they do they will charge you for it. We won’t. All revisions are free of cost.
  3. Pay when you feel comfortable - Many students especially the ones who are using our service for the first time in their lives might be skeptical about us. We understand why you might feel that way and we have no issues with it. We won’t ask you to pay upfront, just pay us after you receive a draft or two of your assignment from us. We won’t let strict policies on payment get in the way of writing you the perfect college assignment.
  4. Every time we help you with your college assignment, it comes with a grade guarantee - Assignment delivered to you by us will be written to score a minimum guaranteed grade. This means the assignment you receive will score at least how much we guarantee it will score. This will vary depending on the college or university that you are attending, but we have gotten much better at grade prediction over the years.
  5. Complete confidentiality with no signup requirement - Unlike other college essay writing services, signing up is not even an option on our website. This is a policy undertaken by us in the interest of protecting the privacy of the student who use our services. If we don’t have your information, there is no way we can share it. So have complete peace of mind while using our service.
  6. College paper help at reasonable prices - Having someone help you with your college paper doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Every business needs to understand their clients. WE know that our clients are college students with almost no income. This is why our services are also priced accordingly. We want to make our assignment help service affordable to as many students as we can.

How can we guarantee grades?

Why do we continue to be the only college assignment writing service that can guarantees grades to students? How are we able to guarantee grades when no other company can?

First of all, it is important that you know what we mean by 'minimum assured grade'. A minimum assured grade is our policy where we will tell you what is the minimum grade you are most likely to receive for the assignment that we have written for you.

The minimum assured grade depends is valid if you submit the assignment without changes. However about 10% of the time, the student may score lower that the minimum assured grade. Most of the time this is because of the professor being unexpectedly strict while grading your paper.

In case your assignment score lower that the 'minimum assured grade' you can request a 'grade justification document' from us, which is essentially a document that lists out why your assignment should score what we expect it to score. You may share this with your professor and he or she might revise your grade.

But some professors are difficult and they cannot be budged.

But over 90% of the time students who order a college assignment from us will score at or above the 'minimum guaranteed grade'.

Now, as to why are we able to predict the assignment's grade, the answer mostly has to do with the quality of our writers. They are not only knowledgeable but also experienced at writing college assignments.

There are many services that use qualified writers but only we use retired professors. Writers with qualification will only have the knowledge that was acquired during his/her college days. However writing good college assignments require more than knowledge. It needs appropriate experience. The kind of experience only teachers and professors have.

When one of our writers help you with your college assignment, he or she is not merely rewriting what was found after a google search. Our writers follow a process for writing college papers.

This process beings with preparing an outline for your assignment, then researching the most helpful and suitable sources, preparing a draft and then finally writing it. If you are looking for a college assignment help service that will write you a paper quickly without regard for quality then there are many that you will find online. We however pride ourselves on being the best college assignment writing service in the world.

Every assignment we will write for you will go through a process of writing, proofreading, editing and then rewriting until it is perfect and upto our satisfaction. The assignment you will receive from us will not only get you the grade you want, but will definitely blow your professors mind away. That is our guarantee.

The most sought after college assignment help service on the internet

When a college student buys an assignment service from us it becomes our responsibility to make sure that they benefit from having bought an assignment from us. The only way to make sure that the students are benefitted is by delivering excellent quality papers to them. This is the vision that all our writers share. Our assignment writers are great at writing assignments because they have the integrity to deliver the assignment a student needs to get the grade he or she wants.

This is why students who buy assignments from us keep coming back the every week to buy more. So whether you are looking for a website to buy your next coursework, dissertation or essay, trust our college assignment help service.



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