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Pay after completion policy

We give students the option to pay after their assignment is completed. We undertook this policy so as to inspire confidence among students who are new to us. We are confident about the value and quality of our services, which makes it easy for us to adopt this policy. We are sure that our writers will satisfy our students every time with the assignments they write.


Guaranteed Grade policy

We also have a 'minimum-assured grade' policy whereby every order we prepare comes with an assured minimum grade. This means, when we deliver you the assignment, we will also give our assurance that the paper will receive a particular minimum grade or above. For example, your college essay 'will score a minimum 2:1 or above'. Please note that ultimately the grade you will receive depends on your professor and is therefore subjective. However over 90% of the time our students reported having received the minimum assured grade for the assignments we have delivered.


Price match policy

We also pride ourselves on being one of the lowest priced assignment writing service available to students. We back-up that claim with our price match guarantee. As per this policy, if you find another assignment provider with a price lower than ours then, we will match that price.


Professors/academics as writers

We started off as a group of professors with the goal to help students in need. Even though we have come a long way, we still remain a network of academics who want to help students in higher education. This is why we have a policy of hiring only writers with a minimum academic experience of 15 years. This policy has helped us deliver assignments that our students are satisfied with.


Unlimited revision policy

The only metric that we use to measure our performance is how far students were satisfied with the assignments we wrote for them. This is why it is important to us that every assignment we deliver is satisfactory to the student. This is why we are ready to revise the assignment until you are completely satisfied.


Strict confidentiality policy

We don't need to know who you are in order to write your assignment. If you are a student in need of assignment help, we are here to help. We do not ask students to sign up or share any identifying information with us. You tell us about the assignment you need written and we will write it and then email it to you.

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"A+ Assignment Help is the only assignment writing service that I use and trust. With their help, I have consistently scored above 70% on my papers."


Post-grad from NY


Every assignment we write has:

★ Peer reviewed sources

★ Complete bibliography

★ Complete citations

★ Perfect formatting in APA/MLA

★ Proper paper structure

★ Zero errors

★ Evidence based analysis

★ Proper flow of ideas



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